About Our Program

The South West Self Management Program is offered through the South West Local Health Integration Network. The goal of the program is to have a coordinated approach to support clients, caregivers and health care providers with self management.

Why Self Management? 

People living with chronic conditions spend about five percent of their time with health
professionals. The rest of the time, they manage their own health. That’s why self-management is so important – to people with chronic conditions, their caregivers, health care providers and the health care system.

Support for Individuals with ongoing (chronic) conditions

The South West Self-Management Program offers free programs for people with chronic
conditions. These workshops provide participants with the skills, tools and confidence to better manage their conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, heart disease and other ongoing conditions. Self-referrals are welcome!

Support for Health Care Providers

The South West Self Management Program offers programs for health service providers to assist with the integration and implementation of self-management best practices. This is achieved through communication skills workshops, education and skills training in self-management support, tools, resources and consultation on how to best integrate principles into clinical programs.

Workshops in your community

• London-Middlesex
• Elgin
• Oxford-Norfolk
• Huron-Perth
• Grey-Bruce