Health Literacy Posters

Real People. Real Stories

We, the South West Self Management Team, want to start a Canadian revolution. We’re asking you to join us.  This October, become a health literacy advocate by promoting, within your organizations, the importance of making health information understandable. 

Here's how you can on a poster below. Print one or print them all. Post them. Share them. Or, if it would be helpful, give us a call and we will send you copies. By the way, in case you are wondering, these are real stories from real patients.  


(To print the posters, click here)

So let’s make an impact!  If you are interested in obtaining the free posters, would like to learn more about our workshops or just want to let us know your participating, please connect with Sally Boyle at 519-421-5674 or . We'd love to hear from you.

Remember….the most important hand-off is to the patient.